“three amigos”

© 2010 Heather Bennett
“Three Amigos
6″ x 6″
acrylic on Ampersand panel

$15 USD – free shipping in US.
Please contact me to purchase or for more information.

Well, it’s not the cake like I had mentioned yesterday.

I just felt like doing a little still life and experimenting with acrylic paints. At first I didn’t like this painting and I’m still not in love with it. I have such a hard time keeping acrylic paints workable, but today I took some advice from an acrylic daily still life painter, Lisa Daria. Her advice was to use Liquitex Heavy Body acrylics and constantly mist your acrylics and canvas with water in a spray bottle. She just uses a hairspray bottle.

Well, since I was using a panel, I didn’t really mist that, I just kept misting the heck out of my paints. I was also using Golden acrylics, which is what I had on hand, some heavy body and some fluid. I have a few Open arcylics by Golden that I also used. I think I’ll give it another try tomorrow. But my priority is to get my mixed media cake done! Can’t wait to show it to you. 🙂


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