On the Subway

For many New Yorker’s the subway is a way of life, for us it was a novelty! We stayed at the Extended Stay America in Whitestone, Queens, New York. So, every morning we caught the q20a bus and headed to the Flushing/Main St. subway station and took the No. 7 train into the city.When we got really good at this we took the No. 7 EXPRESS!

Most locals use their subway time to nap, listen to their MP3 players, make phone calls, read, etc. As you can see I had to take it all in!

You definitely want to avoid rush hour if you can. People crowd on until they are stuffed in and at each stop more and more people get on. On our last day we got on the train at a rush time and I started panicking that Gabriel was suffocating. And made it vocally know. Totally embarrassed my husband. I didn’t care.

I would also suggest you have a plan if someone gets left behind. Once my husband got on a train at the last minute, Gabriel and Hattie followed right behind, but I got left behind. They got off at the next stop and I took the next train and met them there. Whew!!

Really, the creative minds at Sesame Street knew what they were talking about.


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